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We’re so glad you’ve decided to tap into those scattered ideas and transform your house into a home.

We understand building a custom home is one of the single largest investments you will ever make, so we’re here to partner with you on this journey to your dream home. We offer a wide range of in house architectural and interior design services to meet each client’s needs.


WDL Builders is personally committed to each and every home to ensure every major stage of the homebuilding process goes smoothly for you. From the initial design to the selection of features and the quality of materials we use, WDL Builders is dedicated to building a prestigious and comfortable custom home that you and your family will be proud of for many years.


WDL Builders specializes and offers both full home Timber Frame hybrid designs and Timber Room additions to your existing home or property. Our Timber frame rooms are not the same old conventional room addition using cosmetic beams. A WDL Timber room is an open design, structurally supportive natural system. This allows you to increase the living space that will enhance your Home while adding value and unsurpassed aesthetic beauty. Take a look at some Timber Frame homes And call for your free consultation today.